After a few sessions at the gym, it will become evident that there are certain risks and difficulties that you should pay special attention to. Veterans use bodybuilding accessories to protect themselves and train in greater comfort. You will see these all around their bodies while they are out there. Go ahead and get your own.

Gym Gloves

When lifting heavy weights, the shear forces can be harsh on the hands. Your palms will be especially vulnerable since they are the ones in direct contact with the handles. For instance, those who are swinging massive kettlebells will find that their palms will be red and sore afterwards. The skin may even peel off due to friction. Using gloves is recommended for protection against abrasion. These usually have a double layer of leather in the palm area while maintaining softness, ventilation and flexibility. Try on several pairs to find something with great fit and comfort. Check the stitches for durability.

Core Belt

Back injuries are far too common among lifters. If you aren’t careful, the stress on the spine can lead to strains or even breakage. Provide extra support by wearing a belt that will prevent excessive bending when faced with heavy loads. Check the quality of the product. It should provide a good fit and a strong enclosure system that will not come undone when you need it most. It should also have ventilation holes for comfort. The belt will catch a lot of sweat since you will be wearing it around your midsection so make sure that it is washable.

Knee Sleeves

There are several exercises that will require knee bending. The joints can buckle when lifting if you are try to handle max loads. They could give way and go off to the sides if you aren’t careful. Using knee sleeves will give you that added lateral stability for greater confidence. Go ahead, do your squats and dead lifts without worries. The sleeves will stabilize the castus medialis. For best results, pick something that is taller than most products of the same kind. These compress the VMO at the insertion point for correct tracking and stability.

Wrist Wraps

The wrist is another vulnerable joint. To keep it safe and enable vigorous lifts, wrap it with elastic supports. It should ideally be adjustable and snug. Read the review to see how well it works and feels during workouts. It should be able to relieve some stress during heavy lifts.


Get training shoes that are specifically made for gym sessions. These will be light with excellent support in every direction. The most important thing when choosing one is comfort. Walk around in them for a bit to see how it feels. It should have a great fit and good ventilation.