Introverts value their solitude. They don’t necessarily hate having company but they prefer their own as too much exposure to other people can drain their energy. Most of their spare time is spent at home. For some, they also work at home thanks to modern technologies and flexible arrangements. This can be a dream life for many but it can lead to a highly sedentary lifestyle if you aren’t careful. Trying to stay fit and healthy should be a priority. This isn’t as hard as it may sound. There are several things that an introvert can do to stay in shape while being true to themselves.

Bodyweight Exercises at Home

For instance, they can perform a wide array of exercises at home. There are plenty of exercise videos that are freely available online. It’s easy to follow along and sweat it out. Those who are having difficulties may sign up for a gym membership to receive personal coaching. Once the techniques have been mastered, they can leave and do everything at home. Make it more fun by doing the routines with a partner or with the kids, if any. Yoga is extremely popular these days and so is crossfit. One doesn’t really need anything fancy, however. Even basic bodyweight exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches, and squats can do wonders.

Distance Running on the Roads

Running has always been described as the most solitary of sports. You do not need a team just to do it whether in practice or in competition. You don’t even require any special gear or field to start. Just put on comfortable clothes and shoes. Go run on the streets of your neighborhood when you feel like it or go to the nearest park for better scenery. Distance running is particularly good for those who are trying to lose weight or use the activity as a form of meditation. Run long and run easy to burn more fats. Sort through the issues of the day while out on the roads and return home with fresh ideas.

Hiking on the Trails

If you are the type who loves to commune with nature, then consider hiking on the trails. Spend your weekends going to nature parks and explore the paths. Tag as many peaks as you can among the mountains around you. Go on short dayhikes if you are new to it to minimize your load while maximizing your enjoyment. This will be challenging but not too tiring, allowing you to come back again and again. Once you have built up the fitness, you can start going on multi-day adventures that require camping gear and other equipment. You may even fish at the lakes and do wildlife photography while you’re out there.